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Calf Trailer!

Nothing like getting your gear made locally, right?

We fabricated this Calf Trailer for a local farmer, check out this robust, sturdy & super practical little beast!

  • Ramp style gate, very helpful.
  • Mesh Floor that’s easy to clean and nice for the calves hooves.
  • Nice shiny fully galvanised finish.
  • Low height and decent edges for attending to or lifting calves easily.
  • Versatile trailer that can be used all around the farm.

We can customize to suit your needs. A Calving Season must-have!

Leaky Hose? Sedco can help.

Sedco’s got a great range in Hydraulic hose and fittings, we can repair or replace hydraulic hoses. Get up and running again as quick as possible. With expert knowledge, leave it in our hands to get your hose ready to go. We stock a high quality range of BOA fittings and hoses. We can fix you up while you wait or with a fast turnaround. Bring in your hoses, keep your gear humming nicely.

Dog Boxes for great Journeys.

Sedco created a dog box for this customer that fits their ute nice and snug, made to their specs this box works like a charm for transporting the dogs. It’s completely removeable so he can still use the ute deck for other things when they need to.

Great ventilation and durability, keeping the dogs safe and comfortable. Built to last for years, strong & robust, while also being easy to handle and use.

Get wet watching Saturday Sport? No Longer.

Nothing worse than getting soggy when your watching your kids play Saturday Morning Sport. With the great rainy Pahiatua weather, this was a common problem for our locals. When the park came to Sedco with this problem we designed and fabricated a solution.

It keeps the weather off the heads, and was completely transportable for any field around the park.

A Great innovation that made sport enjoyable to watch again.

Keep Safe with ROPS, Custom Made

ROPS frames are an absolute must have for Forestry and General Machinery Operators. Here we made one for an operator in the Wairarapa. It made it so easy for this operator to get the perfect match and it fits nice and snug giving him the extra safety he needed when out in the digger.

Sedco can build these to suit your specific needs, extra strength required?, different set up needed? custom size or shape? We can help you with getting the exact frame that you need.

Give us a call or pop in with your requirements.

An Air Strip Bin Roof made especially to suit you!

Sedco excels in meeting our customers exact requirements. We’ll work with you throughout the whole job and for any support you need in the future.

Here’s a couple of examples of an Air Strip Bin Roof that Sedco fabricated, custom size and design to meet the farmer’s specific needs. Fertilizing the farm is an essential task and sometimes a challenging one with the rugged NZ landscape. Having a strong made to spec Air Strip Bin Roof makes it so much easier and faster!

We’ll work with you throughout the whole job and for any support you need in the future.

If you need an Air Strip Bin Roof, feel free to get in touch for a Free Quote!