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Kyne Agricultural Implements

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Sedco Engineering has designed and produced a diverse range of agricultural implements, often custom build to match our customers’ requirements.


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  • spikers-sedco-kyne-equipment-farmSKU:

    Kyne – Steel Spike Dual Wheels

  • PlaceholderSKU:

    Kyne Ramarota

  • SKU:

    Front Link Cultivator

  • SKU:

    End Tow Roller

  • attachments-sedco-kyne-equipment-farmSKU:

    Heavy Duty Forks

  • Aetroa-sedco-kyne-equipment-farmSKU:

    Heavy Duty Kyne Aerota

  • Aetroa-sedco-kyne-equipment-farmSKU:

    Standard Kyne Aerota