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Auger Parts and Accessories

Tuffa auger cutter parts are coated with an extremely wear resistant coating.

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  • SKU: TD2025MF

    Auger drive adaptor 20mm Male-25mm Female

  • SKU: TD2025

    Auger Drive Adaptor 20mm Female-25mm Male


    Auger drive collar Stihl spline

  • SKU: TD20P

    Auger drive collar 20mm plain

  • SKU: TP43ES

    Pilot Tip Tungsten Tile 43mm x 25mm Shaft

  • SKU: TP45TS

    Tuffa Pilot Tip 25mm Shaft

  • SKU: TP45TT

    Pilot Tip Tuffa 45mm x 3/4 Threaded

  • SKU: TP43ET

    Pilot Tip Tungsten Tile 43mm x 3/4 Threaded

  • SKU: TC100

    Auger Cutters 100

  • SKU: TC100S

    Auger Cutters 100 Serrated

  • SKU: TC125

    Auger Cutters 125

  • SKU:

    Auger Cutters 125 Serrated

  • SKU: TC150

    Auger Cutters 150

  • SKU: TC150S

    Auger Cutters 150 Serrated

  • SKU: TC175

    Auger Cutters 175

  • SKU: TC175S

    Auger Cutters 175 Serrated

  • SKU: TC200

    Auger Cutters 200

  • SKU: TC200S

    Auger Cutters 200 Serrated

  • SKU: TC250

    Auger Cutters 250

  • SKU: TC250S

    Auger Cutters 250 Serrated

  • SKU: TC300

    Auger Cutters 300

  • SKU: TC300S

    Auger Cutters 300 Serrated

  • SKU: TC350

    Auger Cutters 350

  • SKU: TC350S

    Auger Cutters 350 Serrated

  • SKU: TB100T

    Tuffa Auger Base 100mm Tuffa Pilot

  • SKU: TB100E

    Tuffa Auger Base 100mm Extreme Pilot

  • SKU: TB150T

    Tuffa Auger Base 150mmTuffa Pilot

  • SKU: TB150E

    Tuffa Auger Base 150mm Extreme Pilot

  • SKU: TB200T

    Tuffa Auger Base 200mm Tuffa Pilot

  • SKU: TB200E

    Tuffa Auger Base 200mm Extreme Pilot

  • SKU: TB250T

    Tuffa Auger Base 250mm Tuffa Pilot

  • SKU: TB250E

    Tuffa Auger Base 250mm Extreme Pilot

  • SKU: TB300T

    Tuffa Auger Base 300mm Tuffa Pilot

  • SKU: TB300E

    Tuffa Auger Base 300mm Extreme Pilot

  • SKU: TB350T

    Tuffa Auger Base 350mm Tuffa Pilot

  • SKU: TB350E

    Tuffa Auger Base 350mm Extreme Pilot