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Kyne Ramarota


We have a new website, check it out here:


We have a new website, check it out here:

The KYNE RAMAROTA is a very versatile rotating post rammer base that has 180 degree rotational slew and uses a hydraulic ram to push the post driver with complete control to anywhere throw its rotation..

The Base also has 600 mm of travel in and out at any point of rotation.

It has hydraulic legs at the front of the base. This makes it so you can lift the post rammer of the ground when you are moving it into the right position meaning you are not scrapping the ground and then when you have got the rammer in the right position you can lower it onto the ground nice and firm. The base also has a hydraulic top link gives you huge benefits when you are working on ruged terrain.

The RAMAOTA comes complete with spade and hand rammer holders and an allweather plastic tool box.

It is made to fit any Post Rammer new or used and are supplied with all hydraulic hoses and control banks ready to fit up your post rammer.

Talk to the team if you are on the lookout for a new post rammer we can set you up with the ultimate Fencing package.

180 degree rotation and  600mm of telescopic travel in & out.

  • Fully welded construction
  • Tool Box
  • Hydraulic Feet
  • 600mm in/out travel
  • Extra hydraulic valve bank and all hydraulic hoses
  • Hydraulic top link
  • Adjustable nylon slides
  • 100% NZ made and built to last


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