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Kyne – Steel Spike Dual Wheels


We have a new website: Check them out here


We have a new website: Check them out here

The Kyne Steel Spike Wheels are design and manufactured for Fencing Contractors and Farmers to give them the ability to work in wetter and slipperier conditions and in steeper country without the risks. They have proved their worth by many fencing contractors and manuka planting operations.

The adjustment feature on these steel spike wheels, gives you the huge benefit of being able to simply adjust them in and out depending on how much traction you need. They can also be adjusted right in so they are not touching the ground giving you the ability to drive down the road without having to take them off.  A huge time saver and making it safe for your staff not having to fit these each time they are required.

Spike Wheels are available for both front and back wheels.  Front wheels giving you massive breaking traction when dropping down a fence line.


SAFETY on the hills and on slippery areas
TRACTION in the wet… you can work in the wet weather for longer
HOLDING when you need to stop on a hill
(good for fencing)
STABILITY on uneven ground.

 “These steel wheels are absolutely essential for every fencer or farmer who operates on steep and slippery country.  They have got me out of some very sticky spots and given me the ability to work on alot steeper country. Being adjustable is awesome, cause not every job i do requires them but they are always with me when i need them, other brands you have to take them off when not in use”


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